Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sony NEX 7 with Canon FD Lenses test

These classic Canon FD Lenses will be used for some test with the Sony NEX-7 mirrorless camera. The camera can be connected to a Canon FD lens, using an FD-NEX Adapter. They can be easily found in many stores, with different levels of manufacturing accuracy. I'm using a fairly high quality adapter made by italian optical factory COMA


  1. Umberto: Thanks very much for this blog! I have an arsenal of Canon FD lenses from the 1980s: FD 24mm f2, FD 28mm f2.8, FD 50mm f1.4SSC (several), FD 85mm f1.2L, FD 135mm f2.8, and a Vivitar 70-210mm f2.8-4 Series 1.

    I purchased an NEX-6 to tap these lenses and my 3 Leica M mount lenses. They've all languished for decades.

    Perhaps you might open up some pages for reader pix

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