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Metabones Speed Booster First Test
Canon FD 50 mm f1.4 vs Sony 18-55 kit lens
The war of the 24 mm - Sony vs Canon


  1. Hi
    Info much more help than DxOMark which leaves me feeling that I should have waited.
    Could you add further advice about the adaptors that you use, please?

    Sorry! I hadn't scrolled down far enough.
    I hope that the Sony Gnomes read this Blog to find out why their ears are burning.

  2. Thanks for your comment, this is a purely amateur site, the DxOMark guys are surely more professional, I just wanted to make some tests like any user that purchased the camera (and some lenses) would have done.

    It's a lot of fun using Canon FD lenses on the Nex-7, and they are very easy to find second-hand, and they are usually cheap.

  3. Buon lavoro. Sono anni che sostengo la superiorità delsistema FD.

    Se ti interessa sul mio blog potrai trovare il mio lavoro in omaggio a questo splendido sistema, del quale sino ad ora hai usato gli obiettivi meno performanti!

    Buon lavoro!

    1. Grazie del commento, non ho ancora trovato il tempo di fare qualche test con il mio pezzo preferito, l'85 mm 1,2 S.S.C. Poi dispongo anche del 17 mm, del 15 mm Fisheye e del 135 mm F/2, del 500 mm Reflex, e dello Zoom 35-70

  4. Hello, Umberto - will you add to this blog, or is this as much as you plan? Very good, very interesting.

    Mel Snyder