Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Canon EF (Eos) Adapter for the Sony NEX Series

Ring of conversion, Link, Adapter objective Canon eos EF graft Sony NEX . It allows to climb on all the objectives, telescopes, microscopes and other optic tools with photographic attack Canon eos EF on the serious focameres baionet Sony NEX . The photographic objectives Canon eos EF climbed on on the photocameras Sony NEX preserve the mass to fire to the endless one. Note, any tramissions of automatisms is not had. You photographs in manual. Warning: before verify the compatibility of your camera for the use of fittings. The functioning of reflex with rings adapters can vary from model to model and brand to brand. Usually a camera has only modern electrical contacts that interact with the target, noting the diaphragm, light and fire. While optical adaptations have no contact or are totally different. However they can not send information to the camera, so some machines do not work automatically or, in very exceptional cases, not taking. Generally work in manual mode, even in some must vary certain parameters settings so they can make the shot. Some instruction booklets explaining the mode of operation of the camera when using instruments such telescopes and optical microscopes or old. The verification system can be made simply by removing the lens from the camera, at this point try to make the step with the change of time for the right exposure. By changing shooting mode generally on M will observe the operation thereof. For more info write Realized in resistant full metal They are available other types of adapters for cameras.

Again from COMA, the EF adapter is a bit more sophisticated, because it comes with an actual iris control, because the EF lens can only be controlled electronically by an EOS camera, or by much more expensive adapter, such as the Metabones, 399$ and always out-of-stock...

The COMA adapter is purely mechanical so, there's no communication to set the aperture, no exif data, no image stabilizer and of course no autofocus ! Note that autofocus is not supported even in the Metabones adapter in any case.

But, at 84€ + shipping (tax included), it's a more sensible option, considering the build quality, which grants a very safe fit of the lens with the camera.

The iris control doesn't behave exactly like the real iris, mostly because its location is in front of the sensor rather than on the lens, like the real one. This means, there IS some some changing depth of field effect, but is less noticeable than with the original one (on a real Canon EOS camera), and there's some vignetting especially when stopping down more than half. Also, the "iris" on the adapter doesn't have actual f-stop values (it's generic, it doesn't know the f-stop of the lens used), but numbers from 1 to 6, and vignetting starts to be noticeable when stopping more than 3-4.

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